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Mapping Thesaurus Social Sciences (TheSoz)

About the Mapping

Description:  The mapping was build intellectually by domain experts in the context of the KoMoHe project in 2004.
Creator: GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences
Rights: Published as part of TheSoz under the same legal conditions, see http://www.gesis.org/en/services/research/thesauri-und-klassifikationen/social-science-thesaurus/

About Thesaurus Social Sciences (TheSoz)

Description:  The Thesaurus for the Social Sciences (Thesaurus Sozialwissenschaften) includes topics in all of the social science disciplines and is a crucial instrument for the content-oriented search by keywords in SOFIS and SOLIS.
Creator: GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences
Homepage: http://www.gesis.org/en/services/tools-standards/social-science-thesaurus
Version: 0.92

STW Thesaurus for Economics (v 8.12, 2013-10-30)  ▪  Suggestions and comments to the thesaurus team
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