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Preprint / Vysšaja škola ėkonomiki, Nacionalʹnyj issledovatelʹskij universitetSerija WP 3, Problemy rynka truda
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Moskva : Izd. dom Vysšej školy ėkonomiki
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Russian (rus)
Voskobojnikov, Ilʹja B./Baranov, Ėduard F. et. al. (2020). Postšokovyj rost rossijskoj ėkonomiki : opyt krizisov 1998 i 2008 godov i vzgljad v buduščee = Recovery experiences of the Russian economy : the patterns of the post-shock growth after 1998 and 2008 and future prospection. Moskva : Izd. dom Vysšej školy ėkonomiki.
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