Terms of use

1. Granting of Rights

The ZBW grants you, the user, the non-exclusive right to use the selected work in the following ways, free of charge, territorially unrestricted and within the time limit of the term of the property rights – (so called "freely granted non-exclusive right of use for anyone" within the meaning of § 32 Abs.3 Satz 3 UrhG): The work may be reproduced in any form (digital or printed) for private use or (where required for this purpose) for own scientific use.

The aforementioned right of use is granted for all known forms of usage as well as for all as yet unknown forms of usage. It includes the right to undertake such alterations to the work that are technically required for particular usages permitted under this agreement.

Beyond this no alterations may be undertaken. No copyright references may be removed and they must be followed each time the work is used. A disclosure to third parties is not permitted.

If the documents have been made available under an Open Content Licence (especially Creative Commons Licences), you may exercise further usage rights as specified in the indicated licence.

2. Terms

The granting of rights in accordance with number 1 only applies to activities that are not primarily intended to be commercially profitable or to receive payments in kind ("non-commercial use").

The German version of these terms of use is legally binding and shall prevail.