Management dynamics in the knowledge economy

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2023 Customer relationship management : websites analysis of the top ten consumer goods companiesRîpa, Alexandru Ioan; Nicolescu, Luminița
2023 Harmonizing sustainability disclosure and financial performance : an in-depth exploration within the European energy industry and beyondMititean, Pompei; Sărmaș, Florina-Nicoleta
2023 Sharing economy as unconventional alternative to traditional transport servicesJuracka, Denis; Valaskova, Katarina; Janoskova, Katarina
2023 Bottleneck identification through simulation modelling : a case of solid tire manufacturing sectorEdirisinghe, E. A. D. D. D.; Karunarathne, E. A. C. P.
2023 Financial literacy and entrepreneurial risk attitude of selected small and medium sized enterprises in NigeriaIsimoya, Ogochukwu Augustine; Oluwaleye, Taiwo Olarinre
2023 The dynamic effect of financial sector development in stimulating the gross national savings of DjiboutiDirir, Sadik Aden; Aden, Kadir
2023 Exploring enterprise-wide risk management system in higher educationBamber, Christopher
2023 Navigating psychological crises in leadership transitionsSamuel, Abneer E.; Tsapayi, Enock Tinashe
2023 Investigating sustainable business ecosystems and the university role : a cluster analysisSălăgeanu, Bianca-Roxana; Bejinaru, Ruxandra
2023 A bibliometric analysis of a four-construct framework : innovation management, competitive advantage, agility and organizational performanceJerdea, Loredana
2023 The role of leadership in promoting student centred teaching and facilitating learner’s responsible behaviourShinde, Nishigandha; Bamber, Christopher
2023 Key factors influencing customer satisfaction and intention to reuse food ordering appsThuy Ngoc Lam; Vuong Khanh Tuan; Siem Thi Tran
2023 How to implement knowledge management in emerging governments in Africa and beyond : a case study on the South African governmentBarbier, Lance; Tengeh, Robertson Khan
2023 Public debt expectations : the more you know about public debt, the less optimistic you areCiocîrlan, Cecilia; Stancea, Andreea; Stoica, Valentin
2023 Educational leadership for equality, diversity and inclusion in curricula designTsapayi, Enock Tinashe; Samuel, Abneer E.
2023 Guest editorial: developing sustainable, innovative, and agile higher education institutions (HEIs)Elezi, Enis; Bamber, Christopher; Nazarian, Alireza
2023 Knowledge dynamics : exploring its meanings and interpretationsBrătianu, Constantin
2023 Succession management : a proficient resource in organisational sustainability?Odiachi, Joyce M.; Sulaimon, Abdul Hameed Adeola; Kuye, Owolabi Lateef
2023 Intrinsic incentives for online business reviews : driving knowledge transfer across businessesGingioveanu Lupulescu, Grigoras Mihnea; Zamfir, Francisca-Elena
2023 How shopping was transformed from offline to online space : a case study within the slovak republicNahalkova Tesarova, Eva; Križanová, Anna
Publikationen (sortiert nach Zugangsdatum in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 250