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2021 A journey of evaluation and impact measurement - accounts of setting up a monitoring and evaluation framework in a Romanian social economy organisationOpincaru, Irina Sinziana
2021 Social and Solidarity Economy perimeter and measurement in France: why we need to foster controversies and co-produce dataBidet, Eric; Richez-Battesti, Nadine
2021 Patents for Covid-19 vaccines are based on public research: a case study on the privatization of knowledgeFlorio, Massimo
2021 Corporate social responsibility in non-profit organizations: beyond the evidencePlaisance, Guillaume
2021 A global but not spontaneous firm: co-operatives and the solidarity funds in ItalyBernardi, Andrea; Berranger, Cécile; Mannella, Anita; Monni, Salvatore; Realini, Alessio
2020 Social incubators and social innovation in cities: a qualitative analysisPieri, Niccolò; Díaz-Foncea, Millán; Marcuello, Carmen; Tortia, Ermanno
2020 Determining factors of loyalty in Brazilian agricultural cooperativesMartinez, Christiane; Moreira, Vilmar; Barreiros, Reginaldo; Weymer, Alex
2020 Social Impact Bonds: promises versus facts : what does the recent scientific literature tell us?Rijpens, Julie; Bouchard, Marie J.; Gruet, Emilien; Salathé-Beaulieu, Gabriel
2020 Une économie politique des mesures d'impact socialJany-Catrice, Florence
2020 Understanding social impact assessment through public value theory: a comparative analysis on work integration social enterprises (WISEs) in France and DenmarkDufour, Bryan; Petrella, Francesca; Richez-Battesti, Nadine
2020 Understanding the heterogeneity among agricultural cooperativesBijman, Jos; Hanisch, Markus
2020 The digital social economy - managing and leveraging platforms and blockchain for a people-centred digital transformationBrülisauer, Samuel; Costantini, Anastasia; Pastorelli, Gianluca
2020 Local civil regimes for combating child poverty: insights from the Austrian and Belgian corporatist welfare statesSchinnerl, Melanie; Greiling, Dorothea
-Social inclusion: the higher education sector in Chile and in the United KingdomCastañeda, Francisco
-Biomed Europa: after the coronavirus, a public infrastructure to overcome the pharmaceutical oligopolyFlorio, Massimo
-La gouvernance des entreprises publiques en situation de monopoleBauby, Pierre
-In the quest for semi-industrialized economyAnania, Paulo
-Long way to Universal Health Coverage (UHC): are policy dialogue processes appropriate to negotiate trade-offs in Africa?Paul, Elisabeth
-Agricultural production cooperatives and agricultural developmentWolz, Axel
-Le recouvrement des coûts: un défi pour une gestion durable des déchets ménagers en AlgérieTolba, Tahar
Publikationen (sortiert nach Zugangsdatum in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 106