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SPARL Lab was created to encourage experiments with the public SPARQL endpoints of ZBW Leibniz Information Centre of Economics, and with a few other datasets. Queries can loaded from our GitHub repository (or others) and edited by everbody.

Our public SPARQL endpoints are mostly based on Fuseki2, part of the Apache Jena project, and on the YASGUI libraries for the user interface. For more information on Fuseki, YASGUI and SPARQL Lab see below.


We currently offer endpoints for the following datasets. General queries for exploring the endpoints can be found here.

Endpoints (beta)

STW Thesarus for Economics

Besides STW (by ZBW), this endpoint holds mappings to other vocabularies.


Endpoint of JEL Classification for Linked Open Data.

Economists subset of GND

Data extracted from GND (by DNB German National Library and the German scientific libraries)

Economics institutions subset of GND

Data extracted from GND (by DNB German National Library and the German scientific libraries)

EconStor LOD

Data extracted from the EconStor repository (EconStor LOD is created by ZBW and powered by D2R Server)

20th Century Press Archives (PM20)

Data extracted from the Pressemappe 20. Jahrhundert application (by ZBW).

Endpoints (experimental)

Integrated Authority File (GND)

Data from the GND Linked Data Service.


This is subset of the GeRDI project collection that provides a Generic Research Data Infrastructure (GeRDI). It enables scientists in Germany, especially those who hold only small amounts of data, to store, share and re-use research data across disciplines.


This is a subset (155.895 links) of the Scholexplorer collection, which includes links between publications and datasets, contributed by 17 link providers.


A collection of different scholarly artifacts metadata, such as publications, datasets, links between publications and datasets, and blog posts.


Endpoints with multiple versions of a dataset and queries to compare them are referenced in the skos-history project.

Standard tools and documentation




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