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Mapping EuroVoc

About the Mapping

Description:  The mapping was built by an automatic string matching process based on the use of Silk (see http://silkframework.org/ ). It was verified intellectually by the members of the EuroVoc maintenance committee as well as members of the STW editorial board.
Creator: Publications Office of the European Union
Rights: see https://op.europa.eu/en/web/about-us/legal-notices/publications-office-of-the-european-union-copyright
Publisher: ZBW - Leibniz Information Centre for Economics

About EuroVoc

Description:  EuroVoc is a multilingual thesaurus which was originally built up specifically for processing the documentary information of the EU institutions. It is a multi-disciplinary thesaurus covering fields which are sufficiently wide-ranging to encompass both Community and national points of view, with a certain emphasis on parliamentary activities. EuroVoc is a controlled set of vocabulary which can be used outside the EU institutions, particularly by parliaments. The aim of the thesaurus is to provide the information management and dissemination services with a coherent indexing tool for the effective management of their documentary resources and to enable users to carry out documentary searches using controlled vocabulary.
Creator: Publications Office of the European Union on behalf of the EuroVoc Steering Committee and Maintenance Committee
Homepage: https://publications.europa.eu/en/web/eu-vocabularies/th-dataset/-/resource/dataset/eurovoc
Version: 20190329-1

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