EconStor LOD

The Linked Open Data movement has gained momentum in the library world, resulting into a set of LOD publications from bibliographic metadata. By publishing the metadata from our repository for Working Papers in Economics and Business Studies (, we provide more than 40.000 bibliographic records as RDF triples. The dataset contains links to well-established external datasets for thesauri in Economics like our own STW and the JEL classification. The triplification is based on D2R-Server and can be both viewed as HTML pages and queried and processed via SPARQL.

Project Details
Name:  EconStor LOD  
Short Description:  Linked Data publication of our Open Access repository  
Developer:  Atif Latif  
Project Lead:  Timo Borst  
Categories:  Linked data   Digital library   Open access  
Created:  2013-02  
Finished:  2013-02  
Project Status:  Beta