Institutional view on research data

The purpose of the showcase application is to provide an institutional subset and view of the central repository’s data, which can easily be integrated into any institutional website, either as an iFrame to be embedded by the institution (which might be considered as an easy rather than a satisfactory technical solution), or as a stand-alone subpage being linked from the institution’s homepage, optionally using a proxy server for preserving the institutional domain namespace. While these solutions imply the standard way of hosting the showcase software, a third approach suggests the deployment of the showcase software on an institution’s server for customizing the application. In this case, every institution can modify the layout of their institutional view by customizing their institutional CSS file. Because using Bootstrap and LESS Compiling the CSS file, a lightweight possibility might be to modify only some LESS Variables compiling to an institutional CSS file.

Project Details
Name:  Institutional view on research data  
Short Description:  Conceptual background and technical approaches  
Developer:  ottk  
Project Lead:  Timo Borst  
Categories:  Data   Repository (publishing)   Economics  
Created:  2016-06  
Project Status:  Beta