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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2019 Monetary policy, risk aversion and uncertainty in an international contextSaini, Sakshi; Sehgal, Sanjay; Deisting, Florent
2019 The M&A exit outcome of high-tech startupsCotei, Carmen; Farha, Joseph
2019 Equity risk premium and investors preferences towards reward-to-risk from Europe, USA, and AsiaCouto, Gualter; Pimentel, Pedro; Cunha, Ana Maria
2019 Earnings quality and book-to-marketin the cross section of expected returnsAthanasakou, Vasiliki; Athanassakos, George
2019 The valuation of deposit insurance premiums based on a specific bank's official default probabilityChiang, Shu Ling; Tsai, Ming-shann
2019 Barra risk model based idiosyncratic momentum for the Chinese equity marketLu, Sean; Lu, Cindy
2019 U.S. FDI and shareholder rights protection in developed and developing economiesBaulkaran, Vishaal; Lupton, Nathaniel
2019 Efficiency and convergence in the European life insurance industryGiantsios, Dimitrios G; Noulas, Athanasios G.
2019 Conditional beta : evidence from emerging stock marketsAl-Khazali, Osamah
2019 The effect of the PSI in the relationship between sovereign and bank credit risk : evidence from the euro areaPapafilis, Michalis-Panayiotis; Psillaki, Maria; Margaritis, Dimitris
2019 Deep-market by IAS-19 : a unified cross-country approach for discount rate selectionKedar-Levy, Haim; Hadad, Elroi; Gur-Gershgore, Gitit
2018 Greek sovereign debt : addressing economic distress and growth in the Euro AreaAlexakis, Panayiotis; Hardouvelis, Gikas A.; Paxson, Dean A.; Sick, Gordon A.; Trigeorgis, Lenos
2019 Are funds of hedge funds efficient? : an empirical analysis for North American, Asia Pacific, and European long/short funds of hedge fundsNguyen, Lan T. P.; Malick Ousmane, Sy; Cheng Ming Yu; Hossain, Sayed; Chen, Tan B.
2017 Relative efficiency of component GARCH-EVT approach in managing intraday market riskPaul, Samit; Karmakar, Madhusudan
2018 The risk-asymmetry index as a new measure of riskElyasiani, Elyas; Gambarelli, Luca; Muzzioli, Silvia
2018 A comparative GARCH analysis of macroeconomic variables and returns on modelling the Kurtosis of FTSE 100 implied volatility indexAlsheikhmubarak, Abdulilah Ibrahim; Giouvris, Evangelos
2019 Cash flows, and bank performance : developed and developing countriesFaruqi, Fatima; Ahsan, Tanveer; Mirza, Sultan Sikandar; Zia-ur-Rehman, Rao
2018 Banking crisis in Cyprus : causes, consequences and recent developmentsBrown, Scott; Demetriou, Demetra; Theodossiou, Panayiotis
2019 Examining dynamic interdependencies among major global financial marketsSehgal, Sanjay; Saini, Sakshi; Deisting, Florent
2018 Wealth effects of bond rating announcementsZabolotnyuk, Yuriy
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 28