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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2022Gender equality and women empowerment in social economy enterprises : enablers and barriersCostantini, Anastasia; Sebillo, Alessia
2022The socio-economic impact of public policies in the space sector in ItalyFlorio, Massimo; Castelnovo, Paolo; Lupi, Veronica; Morretta, Valentina; Vurchio, Davide; Zirulia, Lorenzo; Di Ciaccio, Simonetta; Piermaria, Mauro
2022Social and green economies in the Mena region : through sustainability, public policies and SDGsPastorelli, Gianluca; Costantini, Anastasia; Serrano, Samuel Barco
2021Patents for Covid-19 vaccines are based on public research: a case study on the privatization of knowledgeFlorio, Massimo
2021A global but not spontaneous firm: co-operatives and the solidarity funds in ItalyBernardi, Andrea; Berranger, Cécile; Mannella, Anita; Monni, Salvatore; Realini, Alessio
2021Social and Solidarity Economy perimeter and measurement in France: why we need to foster controversies and co-produce dataBidet, Eric; Richez-Battesti, Nadine
2021The public private partnerships of the social and solidarity economy in Brazil - study of the recycling enterprises and their economic and legal relations with the public powerFrancisco, Daniel; Menezes, Nagao; Morais, Leandro Pereira
2021A journey of evaluation and impact measurement - accounts of setting up a monitoring and evaluation framework in a Romanian social economy organisationOpincaru, Irina Sinziana
2021Corporate social responsibility in non-profit organizations: beyond the evidencePlaisance, Guillaume
2020Local civil regimes for combating child poverty: insights from the Austrian and Belgian corporatist welfare statesSchinnerl, Melanie; Greiling, Dorothea