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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2018 zhong guo xin cheng xin qu gui hua yu fa zhan : = New towns and new districts case studies from the People's Republic of ChinaWang, Lan; Rau, Stefan
2022 The world in motion : challenges, territorial dynamics and policy responses : EURINT 2022 : EURINT conference proceedings, May 20-21, 2022Încalțărău, Cristian; Iftimiei, Andra; Simionov, Loredana Maria; Patriche, Miruna
2019 Wissensmanagement in digitalen Arbeitswelten - aktuelle Ansätze und Perspektiven : Proceedings 10. Konferenz Professionelles Wissensmanagement = Knowledge management in digital work environments : state-of-the-art and outlook : Proceedings 10th Conference Professional Knowledge ManagementHeisig, Peter
2023 Widening knowledge for a more resilient European Union : EURINT 2023 : EURINT conference proceedings, May 19-20, 2023Țigănașu, Ramona; Încalțărău, Cristian; Alupului, Ciprian
2014 Vom Innovationskiller Macht zur Zukunft der Arbeit : Dokumentation des 10. Innovationsforums der Daimler und Benz Stiftung-
2023 Urban economies as complex systemsFavero, Luca; Malisan, Ilaria; Rosso, Giacomo; Sleiman, Léa Bou; Rota, Francesca Silvia
2018 Toward optimal provision of regional public goods in Asia and the Pacific : conference highlights, 10-11 May 2018, Tokyo Japan-
2018 Tools revisited - Rationalität und Kreativität durch Management-Tools? : Dokumentation des 16. Innovationsforums der Daimler und Benz Stiftung-
2013 Szenarien zur demografischen, sozialen und wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung in Städten und RegionenBreuer, Hermann; Schmitz-Veltin, Ansgar
2017 Sustainable business, management, and economics : selected papers from the World Sustainability Forum conference seriesBerger, Lena; Bergman, Manfred Max
2018 Solutions for agricultural transformation : insights on knowledge-intensive agriculture-
2019 Sharing knowledge, transforming societies : the Norhed programme 2013-2020Halvorsen, Tor; Orgeret, Kristin Skare; Krøvel, Roy
2018 Regional development trajectories beyond the crisis : = Percorsi di sviluppo regionale oltre la crisiBellandi, Marco; Biagi, Bianca; Faggian, Alessandra; Marrocu, Emanuela; Usai, Stefano
2015 Regional development and integration : new challenges for EU ; EURINT 2015 ; EURINT conference proceedings May 22-23, 2015; Pascariu, Gabriela Carmen; Țigănașu, Ramona; Încalțărău, Cristian; Simionov, Loredana Maria
2018 Reflecting on Europe's (dis)order : scenarios for the EU's future : EURINT 2018 : EURINT conference proceedings May 18-19, 2018Ibănescu, Bogdan; Încalțărău, Cristian; Țigănașu, Ramona; Alupului, Ciprian
2020 Politics of value : new approaches to early money and the stateHeymans, Elon; Termeer, Marleen K.
2016 Offentleg sektor i endring : Fjordantologien 2016Amdam, Jørgen; Bergem, Randi; Båtevik, Finn Ove
2021 Main economic tendencies in the contemporary world economy-
2019 Luchas y alternativas para una economía feminista emancipatoriaDobrée, Patricio; Quiroga Díaz, Natalia
2016 Local and regional economy in theory and practiceSobczak, Elżbieta; Raszkowski, Andrzej; Sztando, Andrzej