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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2023 Analysis and modeling gross domestic product, carbon dioxide emission, population growth, and life expectancy at birth : case study in qatarSri Hasnawati; Mustofa Usman; Faisol, Ahmad; Elfaki, Faiz A. M.
2023 Analysis forecasting of gasoline prices in some ASEAN countries by using state space representation on vector autoregressive modelMustofa Usman; Komarudin, M.; Nurhanurawati, Nurhanurawati; Russel, Edwin; Wamiliana, Wamiliana; Elfaki, Faiz A. M
2022 Analysis of data inflation energy and gasoline price by vector autoregressive modelNairobi, Nairobi; Ambya, Ambya; Russel, Edwin; Paujiah, Sipa; Pratama, D. N.; Wamiliana, Wamiliana; Mustofa Usman
2022 Analysis of some energy and economics variables by using VECMX model in IndonesiaMustofa Usman; Loves, Luvita; Russel, Edwin; Ansori, Muslim; Warsono, Warsono; Widiarti, Widiarti; Wamiliana, Wamiliana
2022 Analysis of some variable energy companies by using VAR(p)-GARCH(r,s) model : study from energy companies of Qatar over the Years 2015-2022Mustofa Usman; Komarudin, M.; Sarida, Munti; Wamiliana, Wamiliana; Russel, Edwin; Kufepaksi, Mahatma; Alam, Iskandar Ali; Elfaki, Faiz A. M.
2020 Causal modeling of the effect of foreign direct investment, industry growth and energy use to carbon dioxide emissionsWarsono, Warsono; Russel, Edwin; Wamiliana, Wamiliana; Mustofa Usman; Widiarti, Widiarti; Elfaki, Faiz Ahmed M.
2023 Dynamic modeling and analysis of some energy companies of Indonesia over the year 2018 to 2022 by using VAR(p)-CCC GARCH(r,s) modelMustofa Usman; Komarudin, M.; Nurhanurawati; Russel, Edwin; Sidiq, Ahmad; Warsono; Elfaki, F. A. M.
2020 Dynamic modeling data export oil and gas and non-oil and gas by ARMA(2,1)-GARCH(1,1) model : study of Indonesians export over the years 2008-2019Nairobi, Nairobi; Russel, Edwin; Ambya, Ambya; Darmawan, Arif; Mustofa Usman; Wamiliana, Wamiliana
2020 Dynamic modeling using vector error-correction model : studying the relationship among data share price of energy PGAS Malaysia, AKRA, Indonesia, and PTT PCL-ThailandWarsono Warsono; Russel, Edwin; Putri, Almira Rizka; Wamiliana Wamiliana; Widiarti Widiarti; Mustofa Usman
2019 Modeling and forecasting by the vector autoregressive moving average model for export of coal and oil data (case study from Indonesia over the years 2002-2017)Warsono; Russel, Edwin; Wamiliana; Widiarti; Mustofa Usman
2024 Modeling and forecasting closing prices of some coal mining companies in Indonesia by using the VAR(3)-BEKK GARCH (1,1) modelWamiliana; Russel, Edwin; Alam, Iskandar Ali; Widiarti; Hairani, Tuti; Mustofa Usman
2019 Vector autoregressive with exogenous variable model and its application in modeling and forecasting energy data : case study of PTBA and HRUM energyWarsono; Russel, Edwin; Wamiliana; Widiarti; Mustofa Usman