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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2022 Corporate Pandemic BondsGao, Xiang
2016 Domestic Creditor Rights and External Private DebtFan, Haichao; Gao, Xiang
2016 The Extensive Margin of Intrafirm TradeGao, Xiang
2019 Financial Innovation and Financial Intermediation : Evidence from Credit Default SwapsButler, Alexander W.; Gao, Xiang; Uzmanoglu, Cihan
2023 Forecasting European Stock Volatility : The Role of the UKGao, Jun; Gao, Xiang; Gu, Chen
2021 Government Debt Maturity and Term Structure of Credit SpreadsGao, Xiang
2022 Highly Stretchable All-Polymer Solar Cells Enabled by Siloxane-Terminated Side Chains and Molecular Weight ControlShao, Ming; Xu, Meichen; Zhang, Di; Wang, Zhenye; Liu, Zhitian; Gao, Xiang; He, Jiayi; Gao, Yerun; Li, Zhilin
2021 How Do Job Vacancy Rates Predict Firm Performance? A Web Crawling Massive Data PerspectiveLo, Huai-Chun; Koedijk, Kees; Gao, Xiang; Hsu, Yuan-Teng
2021 Institutional Investor Sentiment and Aggregate Stock ReturnsGao, Xiang; Gu, Chen; Koedijk, Kees
2022 Large Shareholders of Rating Agencies and Predicting Rating ChangesGao, Xiang; Uzmanoglu, Cihan
2021 Maturity Clienteles and Corporate Bond MaturitiesButler, Alexander W.; Gao, Xiang; Uzmanoglu, Cihan
2020 On the role of projected FDI inflows in shaping institutions : the longer-term plan for post-pandemic investment rebootGao, Xiang; Gu, Zhenhua; Koedijk, Kees
2021 On the Role of Projected FDI Inflows in Shaping Institutions : The Longer-Term Plan for Post-Pandemic Investment RebootGao, Xiang; Gu, Zhenhua; Koedijk, Kees
2023 Relative Investor SentimentGao, Xiang; Koedijk, Kees; Walther, Thomas; Wang, Zhan
2021 Segmented Jurisdiction and Water Quality : Evidence From Major Lakes and Reservoirs in ChinaXu, Juan; Peng, Zhe; Li, Dongmei; Gao, Xiang