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2024 Are trade openness drivers relevant to carbon dioxide emission? : a study of emerging economiesShahida Suleman; Bin Abderrazek Boukhris, Mohamed; Kayani, Umar Nawaz; Hassanudin Mohammad Thas Thaker; Cheong, Calvin W. H.; Hadili, Abduraawf; Shehnaz Tehseen
2023 Examining the relationship between economic growth, financial development, and carbon emissions : a review of the literature and scientometric analysisKayani, Umar Nawaz; Misbah Sadiq; Rabbani, Mustafa Raza; Aysan, Ahmet Faruk; Kayani, Farrukh Nawaz
2023 Exploring the links between renewable energy, FDI, environmental degradation, and international trade in selected developing countriesNasim, Ismat; Boukhris, Mohamed; Kayani, Umar Nawaz; Bashir, Farrukh; Syed Arslan Haider
2022 Foreign direct investment settlement, novel energy methods and CO2 emissions : evidence from united Arab EmiratesKayani, Umar Nawaz; Aysan, Ahmet Faruk; Iqbal, Umer; Arif, Muhammad; Ur Rehman, Ijaz
2023 The impact of investment, economic growth, renewable energy, urbanisation, and tourism on carbon emissions : global evidenceKayani, Umar Nawaz; Misbah Sadiq; Aysan, Ahmet Faruk; Syed Arslan Haider; Nasim, Ismat
2023 The nexus between carbon emissions and per capita income of households : evidence from Japanese prefecturesKayani, Umar Nawaz; Fahlevi, Mochammad; Mumtaz, Roohi; Al Qaruty, Reema; Asad, Muzaffar
2024 Unbridling the economic growth and environmental nexus in PakistanKayani, Umar Nawaz; Mumtaz, Roohi; Fahlevi, Mochammad; Nasseseredine, Hassan; Hadinata, Acep