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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2020 Fortifying South African small medium and micro enterprise sustainability through a proposed internal control framework : the sustenance frameworkBruwer, Juan-Pierré
2015 The influence of combined assurance initiatives on the efficiency of risk management in retail small and very small enterprises in Bellville, South AfricaPrinsloo, Samantha; Walker, Candice; Botha, Lise; Bruwer, Juan-Pierré; Smit, Yolandé
2019 The influence of excise taxation levied on product sales on the financial sustainability of South African Tobacco-and-Alcohol-Selling small, medium and micro enterpriseBruwer, Juan-Pierré; Lombard, Mariaan; Smit, Yolandé; Katrodia, Ankit
2016 The influence of load shedding on the productivity of hotel staff in Cape Town, South AfricaSteenkamp, Henriette; February, Ashley; September, Jamie; Taylor, Ashley; Hollis-Turner, Shairn; Bruwer, Juan-Pierré
2016 Is the control environment a basis for customised risk management initiatives in South African small, medium and micro enterprises?Bruwer, Juan-Pierré; Siwangaza, Luyolo
2017 Knowledge sharing as a value-adding initiative for South African SMME sustainability : a literature reviewNaicker, Visvanathan; Le Roux, Suzaan; Bruwer, Juan; Bruwer, Juan-Pierré
2018 Loss control and loss control strategies in SMMEs operating in a developing country : a literature reviewBruwer, Juan-Pierré; Smit, Yolandé; Siwangaza, Luyolo
2018 Revisiting the economic factors which influence fast food South African small, medium and micro enterprise sustainabilityMasama, Bruce; Bruwer, Juan-Pierré
2020 Source document usage and the financial sustainability of South African small, medium and micro retailersPetersen, Ashwin; Bruwer, Juan-Pierré; Mason, Roger B.