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Main Subject Groups

The STW thesaurus consists of seven main subject groups

A General Descriptors
B Business Economics
G Geographic Names
N Related Subject Areas
P Commodities
V Economics
W Economic Sectors and Industry Studies

Term Relationships Display

Each concept and its conventional term relationships are shown in the STW descriptor entries.

Labour market policy
GERMAN: Arbeitsmarktpolitik
USED FOR: AFG (Arbeitsförderungsgesetz); Aktive Arbeitsmarktpolitik; Arbeitsförderungsgesetz; Arbeitsmarktregulierung; Labor market policy; Labor policy; Labour policy
SCOPE NOTE: Policy measures to influence relations between labour market supply and demand.
EXCLUSION: For policy measures taken to increase aggregate employment USE Employment policy.
NARROWER TERMS: Employment promotion company; Employment services; Income replacement programme; Public works programme; Vocational counselling; Wage subsidy
BROADER TERMS: Economic policy
RELATED TERMS: Employment effect; Employment planning; Employment policy; Job security; Labour administration; Labour force integration; Labour law; Labour market; Labour market flexibility; Labour market research; Labour market theory; Right to work; Secondary labour market; Unemployment; Vocational training policy
SUBJECT CATEGORY: N.04.03.02 Economic and Fiscal Policy; V.13.01.02 Labour Market Policy

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