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STW Thesaurus for Economics


STW version 9.0 is online now.

  • The new version marks the end of a complete revision of STW according to the current terminology usage in the latest international research literature in economics.

Search on the economics portal EconBiz can now be improved by using STW terms:

STW Content

  • STW Thesaurus for Economics goes back to the 90ies of last century and has been updated on a regular basis. During the last decades, economics and the economic and financial systems evolved and new subject matters surfaced. This is why we are working on a complete relaunch of STW, beginning with subthesaurus Business Economics. The other subthesauri will be dealt with successively. Moreover, new complementary terms, that have not been part of STW so far, will be integrated during the relaunch process.

Austria-based Semantic Web Company uses STW as background knowledge in PoolParty software to improve search results.

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