"What's new?" and "What has changed?" are common user questions when a new version of a vocabulary is published - be it a thesaurus, a classification, or a simple keyword list. Making use of the regular structure of SKOS files, changes can be derived from the differences of the versions (deltas), and can be grouped to get an overview of additions, deletions/deprecations, hierachy or label changes. The resulting reports should be apprehensable by humans and processable by machines. skos-history aims at developing a set of processing practices and a supporting ontology to this end. The project lives on GitHub. Tenforce (Belgium) and the National Libary of Finland have contributed to it.

Project Details
Name:  skos-history  
Short Description:  Change tracking in vocabularies based on published SKOS files  
Developer:  Joachim Neubert  
Categories:  Thesaurus   Linked data  
Created:  2013-09