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Wikidata for Authorities
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This project explores the opportunities, which Wikidata provides for libraries (specifically in economics). By linking their authority files to Wikidata, they can earn a wealth of data as well as links to Wikipedia pages, images and links to other authorities.

EEXCESS Recommender

The overall approach of the EEXCESS project is to ‘inject’ digital content (both metadata and object files) into users' daily environments like browsers, authoring environments like content management systems or Google Docs, or e-learning environments. Content is not... more

EconBiz Sandbox

As an addition to the main EconBiz service we provide several beta services as part of the EconBiz Beta Sandbox. These... more

Institutional view on research data

The purpose of the showcase application is to provide an institutional subset and view of the central repository’s data, which can easily be integrated into any institutional website, either as an iFrame to be embedded by the institution (which might be considered as an easy rather than a satisfactory technical solution), or as a stand-alone... more


SPARQL allows for a very flexible querying of RDF datasets. ZBW Labs supports this with it's experimental public endpoints. Yet, useful SPARQL queries soon tend to become quite complex. Often great examples are burried in piles of other code. Therefore, we have started a repository for queries, where the... more

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"What's new?" and "What has changed?" are common user questions when a new version of a vocabulary is published - be it a thesaurus, a classification, or a simple keyword list. Making use of the regular structure of SKOS files, changes can be derived from the differences of the versions (deltas), and can be grouped to get an overview of... more

A Guide to Journal Rankings
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The community based assessment of scientific output including bibliometric indicators and rankings is becoming more and more important for researchers, publishers and libraries. Our Journal Ranking Guide (JRG) provides comprehensive information on more than 6.000 journals from different disciplines like... more

JEL Classification for Linked Open Data
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The Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) Classification System was created and is maintained by the American Economic Association. The AEA provides this widely used resource freely for scholarly purposes.

The JEL dataset (as of 2012-09) is mirrored here to mint preliminary identifiers for semantic web applications and to publish the... more

ZBW Labs Website

ZBW Labs Website is a semantically enriched directory of ZBW Labs Projects. Labs projects range from small showcases, which may or may not be part of a larger project, to full-fleged applications in beta state.

The new ZBW Labs website is based on Drupal 7 and uses RDFa, which is part of Drupal Core. Used vocabularies are Dublin Core... more

Economics Taxonomies in Drupal
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The Drupal economics_taxonomies module can be used in Drupal installations to gain access to well established vocabularies for economics over the web. Economics contents curated in Drupal (journal articles, blog entries, etc.) can be indexed using terms from this vocabularies, without a need to install them locally.

The module uses the... more

20th Century Press Archives
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Here you can find the historical press clippings archives of the ZBW as Linked Open Data. Nearly 7,000 dossiers on individual persons and companies with more than 250,000 press clippings and company reports can be made addressable and citable down to page level. They can be viewed comfortably with the DFG viewer and are linked to data... more

Web Services for Economics

As the publisher of the STW Thesaurus for Economics, ZBW provides experimental thesaurus web services for use by humans and by machines. In the first instance these services are designed to support autosuggest functions and query expansion in the context of information retrieval applications. Parts of the... more

GND subject headings as SKOS thesaurus

The transformation of the subject headings and subject categories of the German Integrated Authority File (GND)  to SKOS creates a large and interlinked knowledge organization system. Generic SKOS tools, such as Skosmos, qSKOS and skos-history can be applied to this system.

Works from Linked Data
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The project explores how external linked data, as provided by OCLC's edition and work descriptions, can be mappend on a collection of bibliographical instances, in order to link multiple editions/instances to a common work. Results are reported in this... more

EconStor LOD
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The Linked Open Data movement has gained momentum in the library world, resulting into a set of LOD publications from bibliographic metadata. By publishing the metadata from our repository for Working Papers in Economics and Business Studies (, we provide more than 40.000 bibliographic records as RDF... more

Automatic Indexing: ZBW Indexer
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Applying automatic methods of indexing makes analyzing and structuring of electronic content much easier and faster. This is why we are in the process of testing a statistics-based automatic indexing method. By means of our STW Thesaurus for Economics, the ZBW Indexer generates possible keywords from any economic text. (The demo is not... more