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Question: How much oil is exported by Nigeria?

Answer from Research Guide EconDesk:
Nigeria exported 2.1 million barrels of oil per day in 2015.

Annual statistical bulletin / Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
Published: Vienna, 1999-
Internet link:
[Electronic Journals Library]
Volume 2016, p. 8

Question: Which are the most important journals in Business Studies?

Answer from Research Guide EconDesk:

The database Journal Citation Reports (JCR), section Social Sciences Edition, year 2015, subject: Business -> sorted by "Impact Factor" names:

  1. Academy of Management Review (ISSN: 0363-7425)
  2. Academy of Management Journal (ISSN: 0001-4273)
  3. Journal of Management (ISSN: 0149-2063)

Database Journal Citation Reports (JCR), 
access in many German libraries via: http://rzblx10.uni-regensburg.de/dbinfo/detail.php?bib_id=alle&colors=&ocolors=&lett= fs&titel_id=359

Question: Who was Jan Tinbergen?

Answer from Research Guide EconDesk:
Jan Tinbergen, together with Ragnar Frisch, obtained the first Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 1969.

Website: The Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel - Laureates
Link: http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/economics/laureates/1969/ index.html

Example for a chat

User: I would like to renew my loans. How can I do that online?

EconChat-Team: Hello and welcome to our chat. Did you borrow the books from the German National Library of Economics, ZBW?

User: Yes.

EconChat-Team: Then you can use our catalogue EconBiz. Here’s the link: http://www.econbiz.de [The link opens in a part of the chat window of the user. She / he can work with the source and the internet chat is available and visible on the screen simultaneously.]

EconChat-Team: Click "Switch to ZBW view" on the upper right side. Then beside it you will see the link "Access ZBW account".

User: Ok, I see.

EconChat-Team: When you click on it you must first give your ID which is printed on your ZBW user card and your password. Under the tab "loans" you’ll find your borrowed books.

User: Yes.

User: I see. I have to check the boxes in front of the titles and then click on renew, right?

EconChat-Team: Yes.

EconChat-Team: Do you need more help?

User: No, that’s it, thank you.

EconChat-Team: Do you have any other questions?

User: No. That’s all. Good bye.

EconChat-Team: Thank you for the chat. You can close the session now. Have a nice day! Please contact me again if anything else comes up.

The chat dialogue and the links are sent to the user via e-mail.