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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2021The costs of climate change in India : a review of the climate-related risks facing India, and their economic and social costsPicciariello, Angela; Colenbrander, Sarah; Bazaz, Amir; Roy, Rathin
2021Open issues in composite indicators : a starting point and a reference on some state-of-the-art issuesTerzi, Silvia; Otoiu, Adrian; Grimaccia, Elena; Mazziotta, Matteo; Pareto, Adriano
2021Otdača ot obrazovanija v Rossii: niže nekuda?Kapeljušnikov, R. I.
2021Climate, biodiversity, inequalities : how to steer the SDGs back on trackMelonio, Thomas; Tremel, Laetitia
2021Stadutvikling : Fjordantologien 2021Longvanes, Leif; Bjørhusdal, Eli; Fossøy, Joar; Sekkingstad, Dorthea; Årethun, Torbjørn
2021Emerging uses of technology for development : a new intelligence paradigmAddo, Peter Martey; Baumann, Dominik; McMurren, Juliet; Verhulst, Stefaan; Young, Andrew; Zahuranec, Andrew J.
2021Five big bets for the circular economy in Africa : African Circular Economy Alliance-
2021Renewing energy access approaches : proposals for mobilizing commons to encourage and guide subsidiarityBaudé, Stéphane; Gasc, Jérémy; Leyronas, Stéphanie
2021Acting together for the sustainable use of water in agriculture : proposals to prevent the deterioration and overexploitation of groundwaterDumont, Aurélien; Leyronas, Stéphanie; Petit, Olivier; Ballin, Quentin
2021Baustellen des MultilateralismusBeisheim, Marianne; Ellmers, Bodo; Fritzsche, Felicitas; Köhler, Gabriele; Ryding, Tove Maria; Weinlich, Silke; Martens, Jens