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Publikationen (sortiert nach Zugangsdatum in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 576002
2023 The Impact of Price Caps and Spending Cuts on U.S. Postsecondary AttainmentDeming, David; Walters, Christopher
2023 Formation of Collective Value Experience in the Buying Centre in Professional Business Service RelationshipsKomulainen, Hanna; Nätti, Satu; Saraniemi, Saila; Ulkuniemi, Pauliina
2023 Does Reducing College Costs Improve Educational Outcomes for Undocumented Immigrants? Evidence from State Laws Permitting Undocumented Immigrants to Pay In-State Tuition at State Colleges and UniversitiesChin, Aimee; Juhn, Chinhui
2023 What Does It Mean When Managers Talk About Trust?Breuer, Wolfgang; Knetsch, Andreas; Salzmann, Astrid Juliane
2023 Regional Policies and the Implications of Restructuring in the Steel Industry-
2023 Is Pollution Value-Maximizing? The Dupont CaseShapira, Roy; Zingales, Luigi
2023 Slicing the Pie : Quantifying the Aggregate and Distributional Effects of TradeGalle, Simon; Rodríguez-Clare, Andrés; Yi, Moises
2023 Using Implementation Intentions Prompts to Enhance Influenza Vaccination RatesMilkman, Katherine L.; Beshears, John; Choi, James J.; Laibson, David; Madrian, Brigitte C.
2023 Place-Based Interventions at Scale : The Direct and Spillover Effects of Policing and City Services on CrimeBlattman, Christopher; Green, Donald P.; Ortega, Daniel; Tobon, Santiago
2023 Does Fair Value Accounting Affect How Banks Convey Information About Future Performance? Evidence from SFAS 115Black, Jonathan; Godwin, Thomas; Harris, David G.
2023 Effects of LTV Announcements in EU EconomiesGiuliodori, Massimo; Mokas, Dimitris
2023 A Role-Specific Perspective on Managerial Succession : The Case of New CFO OriginBuettner, Volker; Schäffer, Utz; Strauss, Erik; Zander, Kevin
2023 Unveiling the Villain : Credit Supply and the Debt TrapFu, Shun; Li, Emma; Liao, Li; Wang, Zhengwei; Xiang, Hongyu
2023 Due DiligenceDaley, Brendan; Geelen, Thomas; Green, Brett
2023 Did Trump's Trade War Impact the 2018 Election?Blanchard, Emily J.; Bown, Chad P.; Chor, Davin
2023 Do Household Investors Intensify Momentum Returns?Della Vedova, Joshua; Grant, Andrew R.; Westerholm, P. Joakim
2023 Choice of Majors : Are Women Really Different from Men?Kugler, Adriana D.; Tinsley, Catherine H.; Ukhaneva, Olga
2023 Childhood Exposure to Misbehavior and the Culture of Financial MisconductClifford, Christopher P.; Ellis, Jesse A.; Gerken, William Christopher
2023 Trademark Law, AI-Driven Behavioural Advertising and the Digital Services Act – Towards Source and Parameter Transparency for Consumers, Brand Owners and CompetitorsSenftleben, Martin
2023 A simple method for estimating the Lorenz curveSitthiyot, Thitithep; Holasut, Kanyarat
Publikationen (sortiert nach Zugangsdatum in absteigender Richtung): 1 bis 20 von 576002