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2018 Are BRICS Exchange Rates Chaotic?Plakandaras, Vasilios; Gupta, Rangan; Gil-Alana, Luis A.; Wohar, Mark E.
1998 Are Tax Effects Important in the Long-Run Fisher Relation? Evidence from the Municipal Bond MarketCrowder, William J.; Wohar, Mark E.
2018 An Assessment of UK Macroeconomic Volatility : Historical Evidence Using Over Seven Centuries of DataPlakandaras, Vasilios; Gupta, Rangan; Wohar, Mark E.
2004 A Cautionary Note on the Order of Integration of Post-War Aggregate Wage, Price and Productivity MeasuresSollis, Robert; Wohar, Mark E.
2022 Climate risks and predictability of commodity returns and volatility : evidence from over 750 years of dataNel, Jacobus; Gupta, Rangan; Wohar, Mark E.; Pierdzioch, Christian
2019 Day-of-the-Week Effect and Spread Determinants : Some International Evidence From Equity MarketsGkillas, Konstantinos; Vortelinos, Dimitrios I.; Babalos, Vassilios; Wohar, Mark E.
2019 Do Leading Indicators Forecast U.S. Recessions? A Nonlinear Re-Evaluation Using Historical DataPlakandaras, Vasilios; Cunado, Juncal; Gupta, Rangan; Wohar, Mark E.
2012 Economically-Linked Economies and Forecasting Chinese Stock ReturnsJordan, Steven J.; Wohar, Mark E.; Vivian, Andrew
2021 Effectives of monetary policy under the high and low economic uncertainty states : Evidence from the major Asian economiesBalcilar, Mehmet; Ozdemir, Zeynel Abidin; Ozdemir, Huseyin; Aygun, Gurcan; Wohar, Mark E.
2017 The Effects of Brexit on the Pound : Towards a Currency Crisis?Plakandaras, Vasilios; Gupta, Rangan; Wohar, Mark E.
2013 Erratum to 'The Prebisch-Singer Hypothesis : Four Centuries of Evidence' (Review of Economics and Statistics, 2010, 92, 367-377)Harvey, David I.; Kellard, Neil; Madsen, Jakob; Wohar, Mark E.
2004 Estimating Taylor-Type Rules : An Unbalanced Regression?Siklos, Pierre L.; Wohar, Mark E.
2021 Evolution of Price Effects After One-Day of Abnormal Returns in the US Stock MarketPlastun, Alex; Sibande, Xolani; Gupta, Rangan; Wohar, Mark E.
2014 Expected Returns and Expected Dividend Growth : Time to Rethink an Established Empirical LiteratureMa, Jun; Wohar, Mark E.
2019 Fed’s Unconventional Monetary Policy and Risk Spillover in the US Financial MarketsBalcilar, Mehmet; Ozdemir, Zeynel Abidin; Ozdemir, Huseyin; Wohar, Mark E.
2012 Forecasting Returns : New European EvidenceJordan, Steven J.; Vivian, Andrew; Wohar, Mark E.
2019 Greek Government-Debt Crisis Events and European Financial Markets : Surprises of Greek Bond Yields and Inter-Relations of European Financial MarketsGkillas, Konstantinos; Katsiampa, Paraskevi; Vortelinos, Dimitrios I.; Wohar, Mark E.
2020 Growth Volatility and Inequality in the U.S : A Wavelet AnalysisChang, Shinhye; Gupta, Rangan; Miller, Stephen M.; Wohar, Mark E.
2019 Halloween Effect in Developed Stock Markets : A US PerspectivePlastun, Oleksiy; Sibande, Xolani; Gupta, Rangan; Wohar, Mark E.
2019 Historical Evolution of Monthly Anomalies in International Stock MarketsPlastun, Oleksiy; Sibande, Xolani; Gupta, Rangan; Wohar, Mark E.