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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2021 Banking Sector Liberalization and Economic Growth : Case Study of PakistanSaqib, Najia
2018 Does Human Capital Cause Economic Growth?Saqib, Najia
2018 The Effect of Exchange Rate Fluctuation on Trade Balance : Empirical Evidence from Saudi Arab EconomySaqib, Najia
2021 Energy consumption and economic growth : empirical evidence from MENA regionSaqib, Najia
2022 Energy Consumption and Economic Growth : Empirical Evidence from MENA RegionSaqib, Najia
2021 Exchange Rate Volatility and Its Effect on Pakistan’s Export VolumeSaqib, Najia
2022 Green Energy, Non-Renewable Energy, Financial Development and Economic Growth with Carbon Footprint : Heterogeneous Panel Evidence from Cross-CountrySaqib, Najia
2018 Greenhouse gas emissions, energy consumption and economic growth : empirical evidence from gulf cooperation council countriesSaqib, Najia
2019 Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Energy Consumption and Economic Growth : Empirical Evidence from Gulf Cooperation Council CountriesSaqib, Najia
2018 Impact of Development and Efficiency of Financial Sector on Economic Growth : Empirical Evidence from Developing CountriesSaqib, Najia
2022 Impact of financial deepening, energy consumption and total natural resource rent on CO2 Emission in the GCC countries : evidence from advanced panel data simulationSaqib, Najia; Duran, Ivan A.; Hashmi, Nazia Iqbal
2022 Impact of Financial Deepening, Energy Consumption and Total Natural Resource Rent on CO2 Emission in the GCC Countries : Evidence from Advanced Panel Data SimulationSaqib, Najia; Duran, Ivan; Hashmi, Nazia Iqbal
2019 Impact of Fiscal and Monetary Policy on Economic Growth in an Emerging EconomySaqib, Najia; Aggarwal, Priyanka
2013 Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth of PakistanSaqib, Najia; Masnoon, Maryam; Rafique, Nabeel
2022 Impact of Macro Economic Variables of India and USA on Indian Stock MarketAggarwal, Priyanka; Saqib, Najia
2018 Institutional Performers for Processing Infrastructure Reforms for SMEsSaqib, Najia
2022 The link between economic growth and sustainable energy in G7-Countries and E7-Countries : evidence from a dynamic panel threshold modelSaqib, Najia; Mahmood, Haider; Siddiqui, Aamir Hussain; Shamim, Muhammad Asif
2022 The Link between Economic Growth and Sustainable Energy in G7-Countries and E7-Countries : Evidence from a Dynamic Panel Threshold ModelSaqib, Najia
2020 Performance and potential of central government revenue : a panel data analysis for oil exporting and importing countriesWaheed, Abdul; Saqib, Najia
2019 Performance and Potential of Central Government Revenue : A Panel Data Analysis for Oil Exporting and Importing CountriesWaheed, Abdul; Saqib, Najia