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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2019 A way from renewable energy sources to urban sustainable developmentHong, Cheng-Yih
2018 Agricultural sector input technical coefficients, demand changes and CO2 emissions after the financial crisisHong, Cheng-Yih
2020 Analysis of cost-benefit and CO2 emissions of solar energy-intelligent poultry feeding system : application of NPV and dynamic environmental I-O modelYang, Yu-Chen; Chiu, Yi-Chich; Hong, Cheng-Yih
2019 Comparing the impact of wind power and solar power investment on industrial development : application of dynamic energy industry-related modelsHong, Cheng-Yih; Chang, Hsiu-Ching
2020 Decomposition of growth factors in high-tech industries and CO2 emissions : after the world financial crisis in 2008Yang, Yu-Chen; Hong, Cheng-Yih; Muzayyanah, Syamsiyatul; Adha, Rishan
2018 Economic growth, oil consumption and import intensityHong, Cheng-Yih
2018 Environmental tax reform, R&D subsidies and CO2 emissionsHong, Cheng-Yih
2017 Factor decomposition of responsiveness of the domestic price to crude oil priceHong, Cheng-Yih
2021 How large the direct rebound effect for residential electricity consumption when the artificial neural network takes on the role? : a Taiwan case study of household electricity consumptionAdha, Rishan; Hong, Cheng-Yih
2017 Investment, energy consumption and CO2 emissionsHong, Cheng-Yih
2019 Sources of economic growth and changes in energy consumption : empirical evidence for Taiwan (2004-2016)Hong, Cheng-Yih; Yen, Yu-Shuang; Chien, Ping-Chieh
2019 The spillover effects of investment, economic growth and electricity consumption : an application mathematical dynamic industry-related models approachHong, Cheng-Yih; Yen, Yu-Shuang; Lee, Tsai-Rong