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Year of PublicationTitlePerson(s)
2018 The Harberger-Laursen-Metzler Effect and Dutch Disease Problem : Evidence from South and Southeast AsiaMurshed, Muntasir
2017 How Can Bangladesh Prepare for the New Era of Global Energy Transition?Amin, Sakib; Murshed, Muntasir; Tul Jannat, Fatema
2018 Impacts of Corruption on Sustainable Development : A Simultaneous Equations Model Estimation ApproachMurshed, Muntasir; Mredula, Farzana
2018 The Impacts of Corruption on the Efficacy of Public Expenditure on Health : Evidence from BangladeshMurshed, Muntasir; Saadat, Syed Yusuf
2017 International Fund Inflows, Economic Growth and Health Care Development : The Case of BangladeshAmin, Sakib; Murshed, Muntasir
2018 Modeling Tax Evasion across South Asia : Evidence from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and NepalMurshed, Muntasir; Saadat, Syed Yusuf
2021 Oil price and economic growth nexus in Saudi Arabia : asymmetry analysisMahmood, Haider; Murshed, Muntasir
2018 Prospects of Liquefied Gases in Bangladesh Economy As a Move Towards Fuel DiversificationMurshed, Muntasir; Amin, Sakib
2018 Questioning the Effectiveness of Trade Openness in Facilitating Renewable Energy Transition : A Panel Data AnalysisMurshed, Muntasir
2017 Remittance, Exchange Rate and Dutch Disease : The Case of BangladeshAmin, Sakib; Murshed, Muntasir
2018 Revisiting the Jevons Paradox of Energy Economics : Empirical Evidence from Bangladesh and IndiaMurshed, Muntasir
2018 Trade Liberalization and Renewable Energy Consumption in South Asia : A Panel Data ApproachMurshed, Muntasir