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"(For the poet, see Devarakonda Balagangadhara Tilak.)(\"Lokmanya Tilak\" redirects here. For other uses, see Lokmanya Tilak (disambiguation).)\nBal Gangadhar Tilak (or Lokmanya Tilak, ; 23 July 1856 – 1 August 1920), born as Keshav Gangadhar Tilak, was an Indian nationalist, teacher, social reformer, lawyer and an independence activist. He was the first leader of the Indian Independence Movement. The British colonial authorities called him \"Father of the Indian unrest.\" He was also conferred with the title of \"Lokmanya\", which means \"accepted by the people (as their leader)\". Tilak was one of the first and strongest advocates of Swaraj (\"self-rule\") and a strong radical in Indian consciousness. He is known for his quote in Marathi, \"स्वराज्य हा माझा जन्मसिद्ध हक्क आहे आणि तो मी मिळवणारच\" (\"Swarajya is my birthright and I shall have it!\") in India. He formed a close alliance with many Indian National Congress leaders including Bipin Chandra Pal, Lala Lajpat Rai, Aurobindo Ghose, V. O. Chidambaram Pillai and Muhammad Ali Jinnah." (from Wikipedia)

Lifespan: 1856-1920
Clippings: 1920-1956
German National Library: http://d-nb.info/gnd/119249502
Wikidata: http://www.wikidata.org/entity/Q312555
DBpedia: http://dbpedia.org/resource/Bal_Gangadhar_Tilak
VIAF: http://viaf.org/viaf/95217156


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